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Director, Pain Research Center | Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Professor of Anesthesia | Harvard Medical School

Research Interest

My most recent laboratory research examined peripheral and central nervous system cellular mechanisms contributing to persistent post-operative pain, and understanding of the synergistic interactions between pain-inducing humoral factors (Endothelin-1 and Nerve Growth Factor) that are released by tumors and cause cancer pain. Current research activities involve two laboratory projects, one applying an innovative method of cryoneurolysis to prevent or treat peripheral neuropathic pain, and a second using nano-technology to control release of cannabinoids to treat cancer progression and cancer pain. A third, clinical project, related to my role as a chaplain, is the application of mindfulness meditation for the reduction of acute post-operative pain.

  1. Department of Pharmacology and Pain Research Center. University of Arizona. 2017. Seminar: “Evolving Studies of the Mechanisms Underlying Post-Operative Pain.”
  2. Fifteenth Int’l. Conference on Endothelin. Prague, Czech Republic.2017. Invited Speaker: “Interactions of Peripheral Endothelin-1 and Nerve Growth Factor as Contributors to Cancer-Related Pain.”
  3. Yale-New Haven Hospital, Program in Spirituality and Medicine. Grand Rounds: 2017. ”HOW DO WE HAVE CONVERSATIONS ABOUT THE END OF LIFE?”
Recent Publications
  1. Wang J C-F, Strichartz GR. Prevention of chronic post-thoracotomy pain in rats by intrathecal resolvin D1 and D2.  Effectiveness of perioperative and delayed drug delivery. J. Pain 2017;18(5):535-45.
  2. Khasabov S, Wang J C-F, Simone D, Strichartz G.  Critical role of the RVM in induction and maintenance of chronic pain after thoracotomy. Pain 2017 ; 158:1332–41. 
  3. Mujenda FH, Strichartz GR.  Separable yet interactive components of experimental post-incisional mechanical hyperesthesia.  Med Res Archs 2017;5:1-16.
  4. Kays J, Zhang Y-H, Khorodova A,  Strichartz G, Nicol GD. Peripheral Synthesis of an Atypical Protein Kinase C Mediates the Enhancement of Excitability and the Development of Mechanical Hyperalgesia Produced by Nerve Growth Factor. Neuroscience 2017;372: 420-32.
  5. Lirk P, Hollman MW, Strichartz G. The science of local anesthesia: Basic research, clinical application, and future directions. Anesth Analg. 2018 Apr;126(4):1381-92. PMID: 29189280.
  6. Ende HB, Soens MA, Nandi M, Strichartz GR, Schreiber KL. Association of inter-individual variation in plasma oxytocin with acute and persistent post-cesarean incisional pain. Anesth Analg. 2018  Jun 14.
  7. Hamaya C, Barr T, Strichartz G. Local anaesthetic actions on bradykinin-evoked intracellular calcium transients in model sensory neurones. Reg Anesth Pain Med, 2018 Mar.
  8. Khodorova A, Zhang Y-H, Nicol G, Strichartz G. Interactions of Peripheral  Endothelin-1 and Nerve Growth Factor as Contributors to Persistent Cutaneous Pain.  Physiol. Res. 2018; 67 (Suppl. 1): S215-S225. PMID: 29947541.

Gary Strichartz, PhD, MDiv

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