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James H. Philip, ME(E), MD, CCE

James H. Philip, ME(E), MD, CCE

Senior Consultant Anesthesiologist
Director of Clinical Bioengineering
Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine | Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Professor of Anaesthesia | Harvard Medical School

Research Interests

James H Philip, ME(E), MD, CCE is Senior Consultant Anesthesiologist, Director of the Anesthesia Clinical Biomedical Engineering Laboratory, and Professor at Harvard Medical School. Jim’s research focuses on engineering the medical environment to make it safer, more effective, and less costly. Jim wrote the computer simulation, Gas Man®, to explore and teach inhalation anesthesia kinetics. Jim and colleagues explored liquid infusion into veins and tissues. This work resulted in 18 published manuscripts including the seminal measurement technique Hydraulic Resistance which is monitored in the IVAC-BD Signature Edition™ Pump. Jim and colleagues developed the first successful clinical CO2 monitor – Life-Watch™, and the first pump to offer intravenous drug administration by bolus plus Infusion, the Bard/Baxter InfusOR™ Syringe Pump. Jim also published and patented the seminal measurement techniques in the Edwards Vigilance® CCO (Continuous Cardiac Output) Monitor using multi-frequency thermodilution. Jim holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and an MD from SUNY Syracuse. He worked as an Engineering Co-op Student for Hewlett Packard Medical Products Division for seven years, through Engineering and Medical School during which he contributed to seven medical products. Jim won the 2017 Society for Technology in Anesthesia’s JS Gravenstein award for technology development and safety.

James H. Philip, ME(E), MD, CCE

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