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Shernan, Stanton

Dr. Stanton K. Shernans research has focused on investigating the etiology, mechanisms, and genetics of perioperative myocardial ischemia reperfusion. His work has also evaluated the safety, efficacy, and clinical effectiveness of pharmacological inhibition of perioperative systemic inflammation and its impact on adverse outcomes and mortality following cardiac surgery in several large scale, multicenter trials. In addition, Dr. Shernan has been internationally recognized as an expert in the clinical applications of perioperative and periprocedural three-dimensional transesophageal echocardiography.  His work in this area has included a role in the evaluation of novel technologies targeted towards optimizing three-dimensional ultrasound image displays and the development of associated quantitative and qualitative software. Furthermore, his research has transformed the approach to using three-dimensional transesophageal echocardiography to understand complex mechanisms of valvular heart disease and to direct clinical and cardiac surgical decision-making.

Stanton Shernon, MD

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